About our Program

Vernon-Wilbarger County Crime Stoppers was formed in 1983 under the tutorage of the Wichita Falls Crime Stopper program. Charter members Dewayne Harvey, Glynn Aderholt, James Pilcher, Buddy Balser, Carol Moon, Dr. Jim Williams, Trudy Eavenson, Jo Ann Hall, Lynn Tyra, and Doug Karcher formed the first board of directors. Vernon’s Chief of Police was Wayne Hendrix.


Dewayne Harvey served as our first President. Mike Baskerville was instrumental in writing our Charter, adopting the other organizations standing rules and by-laws to fit our organization. Over the years the State of Texas has provided several grants for equipment, signs, training and conferences. Today our board consists of 21 members from various professions and backgrounds.


We are assisted in our efforts by local law enforcement officers who advise the board and manage the tips. Vernon Police Chief, Tom Wilson and Wilbarger County Sheriff, Larry Lee support our program by assigning officers to serve as coordinators. Mikel Davis serves as our coordinator and Bill Price represents the Sheriff’s department.


Getting the criminal information out to the general public is critical to our organization. The Vernon Daily Record newspaper and radio station KVWC provide exceptional coverage for our program and are a vital to our success.


We are the sponsoring chapter of the Campus Crime Stopper program in Vernon High School. Students, under the direction of sponsor Linda Cochran, learn the responsibility of community service and gain valuable experience by serving on a board of directors that collect tips and pay out rewards while making their school a safer place to learn.

Who is Involved

Sgt. Wayne Hodges      Coordinator
Edward Alaniz      President
Tennis Monter      Vice President
Dave Winn      Vice President
Bob Cochran      Treasurer
Marylin Leasure      Secretary
Clyde Conway      Past President
Buddy Balser      Board Member
Tom Boyd      Board Member
Bobby Burrus      Board Member
Linda Cochran      Board Member
Ricky Graf      Board Member
Darell Kennon      Board Member
Curtis Johnson      Board Member
Donna Moore      Board Member
James Moore      Board Member
James Pilcher      Board Member
Marilyn Ramirez      Board Member
Becky Rogers      Board Member
Jimmy Surber      Board Member
Darrell Woodard      Board Member
Bill Price      Law Enforcement Member
Tom Wilson      Law Enforcement Member
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